We know first hand exactly how much it takes to grow a brand and we dare to go next level on your behalf! We thrive on getting our hands dirty & bring plenty of passion to each project.

With offices in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we also bring a wealth of connections with us ensuring each project lands in the lap of those that count. With some serious heavyweight successes under our collective belt, we proudly let our ambitious portfolio speak for itself. Both successful business owners in our own right, we’ve come together to give you access to everything you need to create, build and market your business; from brand development and web design through to advertising, creative content creation and PR, we have everything you need to accelerate your company from a business to an empire.

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Elke Bell

Elke Bell

Marketing Director | Founder

Elke has always had a fearlessness for the marketing game, and a natural flair for business. After graduating from QUT University with a Bachelor of Communications Design - her second degree – she launched into the world of marketing and web development, and cut her teeth working alongside some of Australia’s favourite brands. Elke quickly built an extensive network & unrivalled reputation across SE Queensland, which continues to precede her today.

In 2014 she formed Our Empire, a highly successful agency covering everything from marketing, PR and graphic design through to social media, styling, events and presenting. Elke co-founded H&E Group in late 2016 and together with her partner in crime has never looked back:

“I was once told the secret to success is to surround yourself with greatness & I'm very lucky to have done exactly that. The team we have built at H&E Group inspire me every day to drive to the top and never settle, & that’s exactly what we do. We constantly raise the bar on ourselves to make sure we evolve, grow & succeed for our network.”

Holly Hardstaff

Holly Hardstaff

Creative Director | Founder

Holly moved to Australia in 2008 after completing her Bachelor of Design in the UK. Her love for full-on design coupled with crazy copywriting skills meant she was always destined to work in the branding world, but it was after completing further study in Marketing in Australia that she began to really follow her passion.

Working as a Brand Manager, a Communications Manager and then a National Marketing Manager across various businesses, Holly was able to grow her side-hustle into her own full time business, and at the start of 2015 she founded the successful brand & web design agency Harhar Group, and she has gone from strength to strength in the industry ever since.

As Creative Director of H&E Group, Holly transforms the smallest ideas into vibrant projects with confidence, vision & clarity. She has an inate ability to 'see' exactly what her client sees and has a reputation for delivering exactly what's inside somebody's head!

Holly believes that simple communication creates legendary outcomes, and will bring your brand to life through her passion for beautiful words and fresh design.

Building Your Brand

What does it really mean?!

Our company was built for businesses just like yours:
to make you stand out for all the right reasons.

We all know that good stories need a beginning, a middle & an end, but they also need a bit of extra sparkle too! So that’s where we come in.

Successful businesses need a great story and engaging content to attract and grow a base of adoring fans. Let us show you how to BE BOLD in your approach to marketing, and keep them coming back to you for more.

As a business owner today, you have the tools to know far more about your customer than ever before, but at the same time that customer is more selective & savvy than ever. It’s our job to make sure you’re getting the right message to the right customer, at the right time.Customers are often just longing to be created. Every market today is competitive and crowded, and it’s so refreshing when a business really knows how to pull you in. We understand your brand from the consumer’s point of view, so we know how to make it tick their boxes.

‘Branding’ really means the emotional connection that someone has to a product or service, so we’ll make it easy for them to fall in love with what you do. We help people create the right connection with your business from the beginning, so that they’ll follow it wherever you want to take them.

Through our strategic approach, experience & great industry connections, we work with your business from the initial development stages right through to ongoing advertising, PR, promotion and global domination!