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Equalize Training Company are the absolute leaders in their field, so we were thrilled to bits to be asked to work with them as they enter a new phase of their business. With top-notch branding already sorted courtesy of the mighty Tusk Agency, our job was to showcase the services and talents of Equalize and make co-founder & Director of Peak Performance Nam Baldwin as accessible as possible to his fast-growing network of followers.

Equalize have five clear sectors to their business, each requiring a solid platform from which users and interested clients can download information as glossy PDFs, register their interest for courses or trainings, and of course book online.

Nam Baldwin’s work has been gaining much attention in the last few years, with the results of his skills being seen more and more in the public space; Nam’s enviable list of those under his watchful eye include 3 x World Surfing Champion Mick Fanning, 6 x World Surfing Champion Steph Gilmore, tennis legend Pat Rafter, and the Olympic Gold Medallist kayak team and BMX teams, to name a few! Nam also spends much of his time presenting and public speaking, and with so many opportunities and requests for his appearances he is set to remain firmly in the top flight for many years to come. We provide ongoing services to Nam and Equalize Training Company as a whole when they need us, and couldn’t be more proud of our partnership to date.

You can see the Equalize website here