Time for Businesses to Be Bold

When you think of great stories… You think of something that makes you smile, or blows you away.

Something that makes you feel a certain way.
So what do people feel about your business?

H&E Group are supporting local GC businesses to be bold with their marketing and branding. Keep thriving and capitalise on the current market while it’s so hot, because your competitors will!

The Gold Coast Gold Mine

Business is booming on the Gold Coast like never before and everyone seems to want a piece of the pie. From local companies stepping up their digital and service game to out-of-towners bringing their best to the Gold Coast shores, everyone is gearing up their business to stay ahead of the competition.

Not to mention the improvements to the Gold Coast which are well underway in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The effects can already be felt on the Coast with over 30,000 jobs* and a predicted 100,000 visitors* expected to land during the games itself. It is up to you as a local business owner to ensure you are ready for this increase in customer base!

“It’s so competitive on the GC now, you have about ten seconds to impress a potential customer when they look at you online, so make sure your website is great, your social media is pumping, your branding is slick and your message is out there loud and clear!”

How We Help You Invest in The Boom

Great stories are the foundation of society, and we at H&E Group believe in great stories. We also know a great brand means a great connection with your customers.

H&E Group tells your business’ great story effectively across all platforms, including branding, websites, social media and marketing. We know first-hand exactly how much it takes to grow a brand and we dare to go next level on your behalf!

Get in touch to create your story with H&E group.

*Read more about the effect of the Commonwealth Games CLICK HERE

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