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5 Minutes with Dan Cox, Director of DCB Developments

Create the ultimate dream team – relationships across the board are crucial to the success of any project. We launched a new feature on what it takes to build the ideal team for your future fitout on behalf of our client DCB Developments. This is the interview with their director & founder Dan Cox.



What’s something any business owner needs to be sure of when picking their fitout team? 

“People that get fu**ing sh*t done”!

Having an understanding of quality, detail, delivery and budget. Everything else can fall into place with those fundamentals. 

What’s your main advice for a first time restaurant owner when tackling their fitout? 

Don’t over-capitalise! Spending money on fixture and fittings doesn’t make you money. If you have a $5000 fitting, how much do you have to sell to cover that? Your average “punter” isn’t going to see these things. If the look and feel is there – you’ve got it!

You must have a strong understanding of your product and brand and its place in the market. People often come to us wanting to wheel and deal six fit outs. Just nail one first and go from there.  

Sam: Its true; we had a $10,000 lighting fixture and we are so glad we didn’t put them in. DCB run us through this and we are so thankful for it. 

What is your biggest priority in any fitout project? 

Communication. Transparency. Urgency. Deadlines. Understanding the end date and making sure we hit it!

To read the rest in this series head to https://dcbdevelopments.com.au/news/

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