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Doing Your Part In The War On Plastic

After taking part in Plastic Free July, the team at H&E Group discovered so much more information on Snorkels and Fins about the harm that plastic is doing to our environment and especially our oceans.

The scope of the issue is huge. Did you know that…

Today, plastic constitutes approximately 90% of all trash floating on the ocean’s surface, with 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile, and at the current accumulation rate, plastics are expected to outweigh fish by 2050.

Not only is the garbage patch and ocean trash badly affecting our marine life, but it is actually having adverse effects on human health with humans ingesting some fish that have actually consumed microplastics which are toxic for our bodies.

So what can you do to help?

  1. Use Reusable Coffee Cups And Water Bottles – Only 1% of disposable coffee cups can be recycled, so opt for keep cups and metal water bottles from now on.
  2. Give Up Plastic Cutlery and Straws – They are unnecessary and there are many great alternatives on the market to choose from.
  3. Give Up Chewing Gum – Did you know it is actually made from plastic?! Time to kick the habit!
  4. Give Up The Cling Film – Opt for foil or beeswax wraps to eliminate this unsustainable product.
  5. Choose Plastic-Free Teabags – Choose loose leaf tea or new brands that design teabags without plastic – the amount of product that gets consumed and thrown away daily is alarming!
  6. Use Biodegradable Glitter – Got kids? Do the right thing and source plastic free glitter (it’s a thing)!
  7. Opt For Glass Milk Bottles – This may be a tough one but as a kitchen staple this will make a huge difference to our environment.
  8. Choose Your Wine Wisely –┬áIf you like to drink wine, ditch the plastic stopper or metal screw cap bottles. Go for wines with natural cork stoppers.
  9. CLEAN UP (and do your part) – Volunteer to clean local beaches or waterways or download apps like Litterati to turn plastic gathering into a game.
  10. REUSE AND RECYCLE – If your house isn’t a recycling machine, or you find yourself wasting items that could be reused, it’s time to up your game. Get the whole family involved.

With plastics threatening to outweigh the fish in the ocean, the situation can easily get out of hand and result in a catastrophe. Gathering all garbage from the waters is hard, but all it takes is a small behavioral change to reduce the accumulation of waste.

The future of this planet, the wellbeing of our wildlife, and ultimately our wellbeing as a species is in our hands.

Whether you decide to use less plastic items or not is down to you, but remember that using plastics and disposing of them improperly could mean much more than a dead fish or seagull. It could potentially mean our extinction.


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