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Gold Coast Real Estate is set to thrive in 2020

After working alongside a number of developers, we are so excited to see the growth in Gold Coast real estate and development. Recent real estate industry statistics and research have shown that:

  • House prices have grown 6.8 per cent in the Gold Coast hinterland over 2019 with prestige areas like Clear Island Waters rising by 13%, Paradise Point by 11% and Hope Island by 5%. Mermaid Beach remains the highest price point.
  • Population growth is well exceeding the supply of new property and with record-low interest rates, real estate is likely to continue to be the preferred asset.
  • With increasing numbers of retiring Baby Boomers, the Gold Coast is likely to see a steady flow of migrators from southern states, giving us a healthy supply of well financed buyers.
  • Developers’ confidence in the city’s real estate market for new dwellings has a positive outlook, which will encourage developers to construct more new dwellings that will provide more jobs.
  • The medium price bracket will flourish as low interest rates will push affordability higher and also cashed-up interstate buyers will keep eyeing the Gold Coast market, which they still see as great value and a better lifestyle.
  • The high price bracket will perform at a more steady rate as well as demand is still there, whereas there are less properties on the market compared to the last two years. Hope Island, Sovereign Islands, Isle of Capri, Paradise Waters, Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters and the Hinterland are always on high-end buyers’ search lists.
  • There is definitely a resurgence in the market place for units, be it from investors or for people downsizing.

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