It’s no secret that motherhood can be overwhelming, but add on running a business and you have a challenging world full of pressure, elation, happiness, guilt, pride and a million more emotions…

In the world we live in, being portrayed as a mother on social media can carry quite a burden – having to always look and act the part, but in reality it can be quite the opposite.

As a team of mums who support each other in business and in life, we decided to sit down and answer some Q+A’s all about how we really feel with this juggling act we call #bossmumlife.

Here’s PART ELEVEN through the eyes of working mothers…

Lyndal (Continuous Improvement Manager at Hanson Construction Materials, Mum to Ryder 3 and Ayden 1)
“Make sure you don’t do more than you should, know your worth and give yourself a break from the guilt.”

  1. What do you believe are the pro’s and con’s of being employed and having kids?
    Pro’s are that you get to have a mental break from the kids and enjoy thinking about professional dilemmas instead of feeding/sleeping and routines, and Con’s would be that you do miss little things in developmental leaps with the kids like new words, movement, and bonding time.
  2. What are your tips for self motivation/banishing procrastination if you are overly tired/stressed from kids?
    Coffee, going for a walk to talk things out with a friend, and I’m an advocate of loudly singing to your favourite music on the way to work haha.
  3. Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other mums?
    Yes, it’s hard not to, but I’m a great mum and I work hard for my kids to be their role model.
  4. Do you feel pressure to over achieve as a mum/career woman and ‘have it all’?
    I think especially in the first year or so back at work you try to go above and beyond to compensate for having a baby, but women need to realise that we are working 2 full time jobs already!
  5. Do you experience mum guilt when you have to pick your kids up or have kids around and you have to answer calls? Do you tell clients the truth or lie about what you are doing?
    I just tell the truth. I have mum guilt more when the kids are sick and I have to take time off work to look after them.
  6. How has having friends in the same situation helped the changes of becoming a working mum?
    It’s fantastic to have a support group to be able to talk through everything you are experiencing and realising you are not alone – mum’s group, friends, family and friends with kids.
  7. Were you excited to get back to work after maternity leave or had anxiety?
    Excited both times! I actually got a promotion whilst on maternity leave the second time so that was a great feeling to kickstart working again!
  8. How did you cope becoming a mum for the first /second time and putting kids as first priority over career?
    It was hard at first to shift your mindset to kids from career. Second time around it was a lot more exciting to take the time and enjoy the baby life. Prior to having my 2 boys, I was focused on the fact that I wanted to be a SAHM and focus on family. However when my boys came along I realised I missed my career and I missed the adult interaction too much, so I made a decision to go back to work part time to balance my work life and mum life.
  9. What advice can you give to other mums – whether they work for themselves, for someone else or are thinking of starting work again?
    Make sure you don’t do more than you should, know your worth and give yourself a break from the guilt.
  10. Do you feel if you put more real content on social media of being a mum, that clients would view you as not ‘as motivated’?
    From my experience, I think clients view career mums with a lot more scrutiny than working dad’s. This can make it hard to show the softer side of us and just keep our professional facade.
  11. What positive changes have you found in yourself since becoming a mother, that can help you day to day with clients?
    Knowing my worth and knowing my value at work. Women are incredible in doing everything with very little effort and managing multiple things at once.
  12. (Fill in the blanks) – Working mums should know that…
    It will be hard but you are showing your kids what a great role model looks like – working hard and still putting your family first.


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