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Let’s begin this post with a little experiment… pick your top three websites or brands and go have a look at their websites. When you’re done, come back and finish this blog!

So, tell me, did one of them have a single iPhone photograph? A photo out of focus or immature product images? I am going to guess no!?

We cannot stress enough the importance of professional photography when building a new website for your brand. This goes beyond our “first impressions are everything” line, bad photographs literally defame your brand. The market is filled with amazing photographs and powerhouse websites, if you think for a second your customers will be sold by average photography, you are sadly mistaken. A good photograph is as important as the product or service you are selling.

Websites are no longer digital business cards, they are your shop front, your sales pitch, your hook line and sinker! Be sure to put your best foot forward when going live with your business.


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