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Recently, we came across a great article worth sharing. They are asking the simple question:

How Important Is SEO in 2018?

This is a big question for us as we must work hand in hand with our SEO partners to ensure each brand and website we develop, builds a solid base for a successful SEO strategy.

A few of their main points…

“SEO is becoming more important year after year and those who spend time on increasing the quality and experience of their sites will benefit greatly.

  • Google is looking to index and rank higher quality pages.
  • Users want a more immersive online experience.
  • Google is pushing an expanded focus on the user’s experience.
  • Users are looking for more information and education before making a purchase.”

This article only reconfirms to us the importance of the customer experience when dealing with your website. The importance of creating solid content that will keep your customer interested and continue to educate them on the item or service at hand. There must be a strong strategy behind your content and how and why each page is built to ensure your website not only does the job its supposed.

For the full article: CLICK HERE

*Article by Search Engine Journal.


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