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There is a lot of talk about strategy in the Marketing game but it is often disregarded quickly when people don’t see immediate results.

It is so important to remember the basics when developing a successful and coherent strategy for your brand and even more important to stick to it! This doesn’t mean you can’t include trial and error when working with different content and media but time and time again we have seen businesses jump in and out of a strategy when they don’t see results in the first few weeks. This couldn’t be more of a money or time waster! It takes time for your future customers to understand your message, trust your product or service and then purchase. Without consistency and persistence very few will succeed. When developing a strategy, start with the basic questions…

Who are you and who are your customers?
* Clearly define your product or service in layman’s terms.
* Who are your target customers? How old are they? How much do they earn?
* What are they interested in?
* What are their problems?
* What needs do your target customers have?
* How do your competitors meet the needs of your target customers?
* How can you do it better?

Define your goals and objectives….What do you want and when?

Create your Marketing Strategy… How are you going to get it? What media best suits your goals?

*Testing the market
To find your feet when developing your strategy, it can be useful to market to a small sample of your customers and analyse the results.


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