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What we do

EffectiveEffective Marketing Partnerships


Brand Development

Understanding your brand’s peaks and troughs, strengths and weaknesses is critical in planning the path to a more successful and thriving business. We work with you on refining your goals, articulating your objectives and building a strategy to move forward and grow.


Marketing Consultancy

We focus on your brand positioning, your marketing strategy and its execution. Our objective is to understand your business from the inside out and find the way to reach your customer.


Digital Marketing Audits

Our audits look at all facets of your business; your strategy, your brand presence and voice, your staff and your processes to ensure they are coordinating to best achieve your goals.


Customer Profiling

We work with you to really define your customer base. From there, our skills allow you to also understand them in a useful way. Your customers’ needs and wants are crucial when tailoring any marketing strategy.


Positioning, Vision & Values

Your brand voice is defined by your vision and values. This sets your standards and defines you in the market. We will help you define your vision and values and develop them into the voice best suited for your brand.


Brand Elevation

This is the exciting part. After defining your brand identity and building your strategy we carefully design each element using powerful imagery and video to draw the eye of your customer. See below a list of our further services to help successfully execute your new-found marketing strategy.

Our CapabilitiesCapabilities

Our streamlined services provide both strategic overview and accountability for results, as well as energy, direction and of course creativity on tap!


➔ Logo and style guide
➔ Target market profiling
➔ Brand language, values & taglines
➔ Business stationery
➔ Flyers, brochures, banners
➔ Presentations
➔ Packaging & signage
➔ In house documents
➔ Social media styling
➔ Full creative direction
➔ All other graphic needs

Web Design

➔ Web design
➔ Website development
➔ E-commerce
➔ Static mock up designs to sign off on before building
➔ Analytics
➔ Hosting


➔ Brand positioning & values
➔ Marketing strategy
➔ Calendar & budget breakdown
➔ All aspects of marketing in digital and physical forms
➔ Ongoing market analysis
➔ Ongoing competitor analysis
➔ Ongoing trend watching
➔ Agile movement on all of the above

Digital Marketing

➔ Social media account set up & design
➔ Strategy for growth
➔ Content creation & publishing
➔ Post design
➔ Account management
➔ Response management
➔ Audience management
➔ Advert design & management
➔ We keep up with the latest trends to ensure your business is ahead
➔ eDM / email marketing
➔ Online media advertising
➔ Social media growth
➔ SEO strategy, management & liaison with external providers
➔ Content direction & management

Content Creation

➔ Content creation
➔ Visual, verbal, audio, digital, video
➔ Copywriting
➔ Brand voice refinement
➔ Document creation, proofreading
➔ Industry or product buzz word research and adjustment
➔ Authentic, interesting content creation relevant for each audience
➔ Image bank creation and curation
➔ Photography direction & management
➔ Video direction & management

Marketing Management

H&E Group specialise in ongoing monthly brand and marketing management. This includes everything from PR and media management to complete digital takeover and product launch. We work hard on developing the perfect content to reach your ideal customer while implementing a careful thought out strategy for your business. We custom each strategy to your business, making the most of the available budget.

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