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Why Branding Is Your Biggest Asset

The branding of your business is the first thing your clients see, and the most important thing to make a strong first impression. Without clear and consistent branding, your potential customers won’t understand your offering, points of difference or the reason your service or product is a necessity for them.

So why is branding so important – aside from first impressions?

1. Branding Improves Recognition
One of the main elements of a brand is a logo as it is the “face” of a business and what people instantly recognise. Professional logo design is imperative to ensure it is simple enough to be memorable, but also strong enough to portray the aesthetic and personality of your company. The next stage is developing a strong brand guide to ensure your entire company is on the same page to keep the structure intact.

2. Branding Evokes Trust
The more polished the brand, the more potential consumers see authenticity surrounding the business. If your brand is seamless across all digital and offline touch-points, there is a more likely chance people will take their curiosity further and start an enquiry or purchase.

3. Branding Creates Emotional Connections
Using the art of storytelling within your brand allows a customer to not only understand your company’s history and purpose, but buy into the narrative in an emotional state. Customers who discover a brand that sparks an emotional response in them have a far higher conversion rate to make a sale or submit a lead enquiry, compared to those in a logical state.

4. Branding Inspires Your Employees Too
Employees need more than just work — they need something to work toward, and a purpose attached to their role. When a team understand the mission of a business and its reason for existing, they are more likely to feel that same pride and work in the same direction to achieve the goals the business owner has set.

5. Branding Sells Your Business For You
Strong branding with memorable assets and marketing practices is one of the best feeders for word-of-mouth referrals. Storytelling that sparks joy, excitement, humour or interest will reach a far greater proportion of people as it has been created with purpose and intent. The most profitable companies, small or large, have one single thing in common – they have established themselves as a leader in their field by building a strong brand, and it all started with a simple, powerful logo.

Want to discuss a brand refresh or a new business altogether? Let’s discuss.

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