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2019 has been another big year here at H&E Group. With two new beautiful babies and a number of epic new brands to join to H&E Group family, it has been a busy year to say the least. It was amongst the mayhem that we were reminded just how amazing women can be. We are full supporters of all the fabulous men in our lives but today is about our working mums. With Yumi Stynes Podcast in mind (Time to name (and shame) the mental load), we were tested with just how far we can take the so called “Mental Load”! 

From juggling all things mumming (toddlers, babies, puree, breast feeding, bottle feeding, kindy, flu, tantrums, cooking, cleaning, the word no and soooooo on….) to juggling the work life (liaising with clients, building the business, designing, writing, managing staff, trello boards, project management, social media, design files, technology and soooo on) – what got us thinking was just how differently we all take this on. That there is no right or wrong way but to simply have each other in the ring trying desperately not to drop a ball was indeed the most comforting thing of all! 

With this, we decided to kick off a two week “Boss to Mum” series, interview 16 working mums (including both H&E Group Directors and Project Manager). We truly couldn’t have imagined just how empowering and amazing these interviews could be. From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all of you for taking part in this series. It has not only encouraged us but so many other women to keep grinding towards their goals, even with baby shark as our theme song and yoghurt smears across our favourite pants! Heres to all you women out there ticking off your to do lists and keeping this world a turning!! 



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