Agency or in house marketing manager?

  1. After both working as full time marketing managers prior to H&E Group we truly believe businesses can benefit from replacing their internal marketing manager with a boutique agency… and here’s why!

    Expertise and Specialization: Digital agencies often have a team of experts with a wide range of skills, from SEO and content marketing to social media and paid advertising. This expertise can be more comprehensive and specialized than what a single marketing manager can provide.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring a full-time marketing manager can be expensive, considering their salary, benefits, and other associated costs. Digital agencies can often offer competitive pricing for a broader skill set, and you pay for the services you need, not a full-time salary.

  3. Scalability: Digital agencies can scale their services up or down as your business needs change. You can access a diverse set of services and expertise without the burden of hiring, firing, or retraining employees.

  4. Flexibility: Digital agencies typically work with multiple clients and industries, so they bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your marketing strategy. They can adapt to changing market trends and technologies quickly.

  5. Access to Tools and Technology: Digital agencies usually have access to expensive marketing tools, software, and analytics that might be cost-prohibitive for an individual marketing manager. They can leverage these tools to optimize your campaigns.

  6. Reduced Management: When you hire a marketing manager, you’ll need to manage and oversee their work. A digital agency is responsible for its performance and typically requires less direct management.

  7. Objectivity: An external agency can provide a more objective view of your business and marketing strategies.

  8. Proven Track Record: A reputable digital agency likely has a portfolio of successful campaigns for various clients, demonstrating their ability to deliver results.

  9. Network and Partnerships: Digital agencies often have industry connections and partnerships that can be beneficial for your marketing efforts, such as media outlets or influencers.

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