Do you ever review your own business from a client’s point of view?

How often do you look at your own business online, reviewing it from a customer’s point of view? How do they find you? What side of the business do they first encounter?

Did you build your website over a year ago and then just leave it there without a backwards glance?

Was your last social post three months ago?

We take a rolling approach to this, and make time EVERY WEEK to look at the business through our client’s eyes.

  • Sometimes, we realise there’s a gap in information that we can fill, and even promote.
  • Sometimes, we spot an error that needs fixing (surely not…)
  • Sometimes, we bask in the glory of how glossy and enticing we look from a first impression!
  • But always, there is something we can improve on, adjust course slightly, and ensure we keep moving towards our target with laser focus.

Building websites on the Gold Coast for the last ten years we have seen so much change, and there has been a massive influx of ‘new’ – new businesses, new cultures… which equals new clients and new competition!

Just like a physical office or shopfront, good housekeeping is so important with your business online. So don’t let it get dusty…